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Bgreat 4 Kids, a life awareness & self esteem building program designed especially for kids.

Kids who complete this program will discover how to create a life that includes:

  • Functional Relationships.
  • A Career of Choice.
  • Physical Health.
  • Environmental Awareness.
  • Financial Wealth.
  • Kindness.....to Themselves & Others.
  • The Self Belief To Make Anything Possible.

The Bgreat 4 Kids TEACHING program...

  • Develops & Promotes Self Awareness using the 'Bgreat Wheel of Life'.
  • Builds Self Esteem in the kids as they discover how to ensure each area of their lives is a strength.
  • Meets the requirements of VICTORIAN ESSENTIAL LEARNINGS (VELS) Incorporating All 8 Key Learning Areas.
  • Uses an Integrated Curriculum Approach that Intertwines into the Daily Teaching Program within the Classroom.
  • Embeds Concepts, Knowledge & Understanding through countless Powerful Learning Activities.
  • Creates Enjoyment & Positive Learning Outcomes for all involved.

The Bgreat 4 Kids program uses Teaching & Learning Strategies that...

  • Integrate Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic Learning Styles.
  • Individual, Partner & Group Work.
  • Negotiation & Discussion.
  • Open & Closed Questioning.
  • Use of Graphic Organisers to Focus Thinking.
  • Thinking Tools e.g. PMI, De Bono.
  • Inquiry Based Learning.
  • Criteria Based Activities.
  • Feedback & Evaluation Formats.

For more information on this program or to enquire about how to get the Bgreat 4 Kids program into your school, please contact us.