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Q What is Bgreat?

Bgreat is an organisation that is committed to developing & delivering quality self development programs for people of all ages and all walks of life. ‘Bgreat @ being you’ is simply about being the best that you can be.

Q How does the ‘Change Your Life’ program actually work?

The Bgreat ‘Change your Life’ program systematically guides you through the 7 Key Areas of Life using our unique 4 step process. This process is simple and is guaranteed to provide you with knowledge for understanding, strategy for doing, action for changing and personalised motivation to maintain your desired changes – all in Just 4 Hours. Start the program today and get the results you deserve.

Q Does the ‘Change Your Life’ program really take just 4 Hours?

Yes, the Bgreat ‘Change your Life’ program does only take 4 hours. The whole program is spread over eight 30 minute sections that must be completed in a predetermined order. You may choose to spend longer on some topics or spread the program over a number of days depending on your schedule.

Q How do I get started?

To ‘Change Your Life in Just 4 Hours’ simply click on the 'Buy Now' icon at the bottom of this page.

Q How do I become a Bgreat member?

You will become a Bgreat member when you subscribe to the ‘Change Your Life’ program and will remain a member for life.

Q Is Bgreat aimed at any particular age group or demographic?

Anyone can benefit from the Bgreat “Change Your Life’ program, regardless of age or demographic. We also run a program for kid’s that fits easily into any primary school curriculum. To learn more about this program visit www.bgreat4kids.com.au.

Q Do you have any other programs I can do and if so, how do I subscribe?

Bgreat is currently working on other programs and all members will be notified via email as they become available. If there is a particular area of your life you wish to develop further, we would love to hear form you. Please contact us on support@bgreat.com.au

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